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About Vishvanidam

Fund a kid.org A.K.A Vishvanidam-USA, LLC is a 501(C3) non-profit organization formed to increase awareness of the needs of children living in the slums of India and support the Vishvanidam organization in India. As relief workers following the 2001 devastating earthquake in Gujarat India, founders Rehana and Jitendra Vadoliya encountered poverty and desperation most of us in the west can’t begin to understand. Many desperately impoverished families they met are forced to rely on their children to beg for the money they need to simply eat. This experience inspired REHANA-JEETU, as they’ve come to be known, to devote their lives to helping the poverty stricken children they met and formation of the Vishvanidam organization. Starting with a handful of children and an open-air school, the organization now supports over 900 children at 14 centers in slums around Rajkot, India providing shelter, food, clothing, schools supplies, an education, and even bicycles to the city’s poorest and most vulnerable.

All of this costs only $100 per child for a full year. None of this is possible without your help.  Please sign up to volunteer or make a donation.